Be part of the next generation of real-time sports data.

iReality develops cloud-based platforms for the real-time consolidation & synchronisation of diverse data streams.


All sectors of life that rely on the accurate tracking of movement can potentially benefit from the next generation capabilities of StarController. This includes arena sports such as horse racing and football, many aspects of smart cities & countrysides, and Industry 4.0.

Horse racing


Arena Sports

StarController is currently generating the next generation of sporting data for horse racing at Bro Park racetrack. The system could make a new generation of sporting data available for fans, athletes, and trainers in all arena sports. StarController can also generate highly interactive digital content for OTT streaming providers looking to capture new subscribers.

Green field.

In the future

Smart Cities & Countrysides

The combination of video data, synchronised with motion data from LiDAR sensors, enables a next generation of interactive motion tracking in smart cities. This, in turn, is a prerequisite for many other innovations in our future cities.

A road with lights captured with long shutter time.

In the future

Industry 4.0

StarController can unlock productivity gains for heavy & infrastructure industries via improved system performance, precision, and control. Energy and mining in particular are gearing up for a new generation of technology and investment.

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