Our software platform StarController
Horse Racing intensified with Creative

Providing the next generation sensing, tracking, timing and data augmentation solution for horse racing. We imagine more data and new digital assets are important to enhanced digitization of Racing.

Embrace the future with our Hybrid Cloud solution for real-time generation of racing data, and creation of highly interactive applications for dedicated fans and attract new ones

We Digitize Racing.

About iReality

iReality is a leader in real-time software platforms for sports and media. The innovative end-to-end platform StarController helps our customers to provide enhanced sports and entertainment experience for already engaged and new audiences, thereby unlocking increased revenues in both the short and long term.

iReality is building and expanding businesses globally with our customers and partners.

Focus blur on code on a screen.

Challenge 1

Data Quality

The quality and timing of input data must be verified to make data synchronisation at all possible. iReality’s StarController platform verifies data quality and timestamps before data consolidation, and leverages machine learning to continuously improve data quality.

Horde Race

Challenge 2


Synchronisation of data must happen I real-time to enable next generation applications. StarController is capable of synchronising diverse data from sources such as video cameras and LiDAR, all in real-time.

Horse running

Challenge 3


Human intervention must be kept to an absolute minimum to improve data quality, and ensure that scalability is maximized. The StarController platform includes tools for sensor set-up & calibration, and overall system monitoring.

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