Our software platform StarController
Horse Racing intensified with Creative

Providing the next generation sensing, tracking, timing and data augmentation solution for horse racing. We imagine more data and new digital assets are important to enhanced digitization of Racing.

Embrace the future with our Hybrid Cloud solution for real-time generation of racing data, and creation of highly interactive applications for dedicated fans and attract new ones

We Digitize Racing.

Horse Racing intensified with Creative Solutions

Text about Skyrunner


Race Mapping

Providing SaaS platform and full key solution for horse racing tracking and timing, including split times.

We imagine more data and new digital assets are important to enhanced digitization of Racing.

Horse racing from a drone


Creative Solutions

Using data streaming technology, we aggregate and integrate data from several sources into our hybrid cloud platform StarController.

Introducing our new software SkyRunner for Drones.


Next generation perfect tracking of horse racing starts here

Our perfect tracking solution brings rapid deployment and mobile capability. Based on modern drone technology with our proprietary algorithms.

No physical installation of hardware and transponders required.

Green field.

What is data streaming?

Data to applications

Embracing and evolving new interactive applications with none latency – all Live with using data streaming technology.

Providing software tool for building highly interactive and personalized multi-layered digital services for the video streaming future.

A road with lights captured with long shutter time.


Big Data

Providing tools & API for data output to meet various data needs from various customers for a wide range of Tv graphics, web and mobile applications.

Supports both real-time data (online) for Tv graphics, independent of graphic system, and historical data (offline) for handicappers analysis, among other usage.

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