Be part of the next generation of real-time sports data.

iReality develops cloud-based platforms for the real-time consolidation & synchronisation of diverse data streams.


The patented StarController platform makes it easy to consolidate diverse data, and synchronize data from different sensors such as cameras and LiDAR. This in turn makes possible the creation of next generation, highly interactive, big-data powered applications for all sectors that rely on the reliable tracking of motion.

Digital cityscape data.

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Modular Flexibility

The StarController platform consists of several interconnecting modules. The Client and Edge modules provide proprietary algorithms synchronising data on site where movement data is collected. The Explorer module is a data analysis tool leveraging machine learning to enhance data quality, and the Enhancer module provides data management functionality for processing and storing of enhanced data.

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Unequalled Interactivity

StarController’s D2a and D2i modules provide data output APIs and tools for building interactive services. D2a (data to application) is an API for data output to meet various data needs from various customers for a wide range of applications. D2i (data to interactive) is a software tool for building highly interactive and personalised multi-layered digital services for an OTT streaming future.

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Advantage 3

Low Cost & Easy Adoption

StarController is delivered as a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Not only does this make the system and system updates easier to deliver, but it also allows iReality to deliver data consolidation and synchronisation services at highly competitive prices to our clients. iReality works closely with clients to develop platform support for new verticals and use cases.

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