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New revolutionary mobile solution for tracking and sensing of horse racing

Wednesday December 21, 2022

As we approach the end of 2022, the iReality team wishes to provide a very brief update on what's kept us busy (and quiet) in our lab during the year. We constantly strive to combine our sensor expertise with the latest advances in big data analysis, to provide new and improved content for the world of horse racing. We are delighted to tease the latest result of this work: a revolutionary mobile solution for tracking and sensing of moving objects without attaching any device, such as a transponder, on the object (horse) to trace.

The solution leverages iReality's existing portfolio of IP and is based on a software plugin for iReality's StarController platform, which is already delivering next-generation data to the world of horse racing.

This new solution enables rapid venue installation and deployment, resulting in a dramatic reduction in overall installation complexity (without any reliance on expensive transponders). With a reduced reliance on hardware, the solution becomes more cost-efficient for the racetrack owners and operators.

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