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iReality develops cloud-based platforms for the real-time consolidation & synchronisation of diverse data streams.

iReality to provide sensing and tracking data platform for the Swedish Horseracing Authority

Tuesday 5, April, 2022

iReality is pleased to announce that it has entered into an extended agreement with the Swedish Horseracing Authority ("Svensk Galopp”) to provide sensing and tracking platform- and data-services for Svensk Galopp. The intention of the agreement is to develop and enhance the excitement of racing for the future.

The deployment of a next-generation sensing and tracking solution at Bro Park racetrack in Stockholm, Sweden, will mark another milestone in iReality's expansion into racing, a sector in which iReality is poised to launch digital interactive platform- and data-services for betting operators and other partners to Svensk Galopp.

About iReality: iReality helps forge lucrative business opportunities with real-time consolidation and synchronisation of diverse data streams. A full-service provider, iReality helps partners further monetise and protect their racing with real-time sensing data solutions, analytics platforms, and race vision interactive services. Be part of the next generation of real-time sports data.

About Svensk Galopp: Svensk Galopp (internationally known as the Swedish Horseracing Authority) is the governing body of Thoroughbred and Arabian horse racing in Sweden. All horse races in Sweden are organised by Svensk Galopp.

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