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StarController and Machine Learning

Tuesday 23, February, 2021

We have upgraded our patented StarController platform with new modules to allow us to meet the needs of a wider market. The latest deployment of StarController includes a built-in iteration process called E3. This E3 process allows StarController's 'Edge' module, which contains proprietary algorithms running on-site to capture data, to evolve and improve over time. The key to this process is the ‘Explorer’ module, which leverages machine learning to enhance the quality of captured online and offline data. This enhanced data is stored in the ‘Enhancer’ module, and is then fed back into Edge and Explorer for further iteration and improvements.

All this makes possible the creation of next generation, highly interactive, big-data powered applications for all sectors that rely on the reliable sensing and tracking of motion. Our software provides a wealth of real-time race data previously unavailable in live sports (including real-time speed- & time-data) and delivers these insights for audiences via both television broadcasts and internet-streaming. StarController also provides enhanced graphics in the digital video with live analysis features, and new data for creating innovative applications for web and smartphones.

All in all, StarController provides unprecedented levels of real-time insights during live sporting events, with a first application adopted for horse racing at Bro Park Racetrack in Sweden.

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