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iReality develops cloud-based platforms for the real-time consolidation & synchronisation of diverse data streams.

Bro Park the Smart Racetrack

Thursday, 19 November, 2020

We are proud to present Bro Park Racetrack in Stockholm, Sweden, as our first ‘Smart Racetrack’. The Smart Racetrack concept combines all aspects of iReality’s expertise to deliver an unmatched race experience. This includes our unique 4D sensing capabilities, our cloud-based software for processing input data, our enhanced output data & intelligence, and live and instant video replay capabilities.

The core of iReality’s Smart Racetrack strategy is the leveraging of high-range 360-degree field of view sensors, capable of delivering data point clouds in real-time. With our track-side sensors synchronously following the runners, the Smart Racetrack can instantaneously and in real-time update the race data and racegoer information. Bro Park Racetrack is quite possibly Europe's largest installation of synchronized M8 LiDAR sensors, and it is the story of how we made this next generation of live sports possible.

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